Adjustable Patio Covers Created By TEMO for Memphis, TN, Homeowners

Adjustable Patio Covers Memphis TNTEMO’s adjustable patio covers are the perfect option for residents of Memphis, Tennessee, and the surrounding areas who are looking for a unique and attractive addition to their home. These structures are an excellent addition to any residence because they offer all the benefits of a traditional pergola and a solid patio cover, but can be easily operated to manage the amount of sunlight or shade an outdoor living space receives. If you are looking for a structure that will give you control over how the sun and the elements affect your outdoor living, TEMO is here to help you.

At TEMO, our adjustable patio covers are skillfully crafted and designed to be attractive, long lasting, and easy to maintain for homeowners in Memphis. They’re made from heavy-gauge extruded aluminum, so they’re much stronger than products crafted from roll-formed aluminum, vinyl, or wood. They are also formulated with an electrostatic finish that resists rot and deterioration, as well as insect infestation and damage from the elements. Plus, these exclusive, feature-rich products come equipped with:

  • Slow-motion actuators that utilize a 500-pound push/pull force to open or close the roofing panels
  • Roofing panels with broad spans to provide clear views
  • Rafters and beams that are capped at the ends with beautiful TEMKOR corbels
  • Extruded louvers with a return lip to help channel the flow of rainwater
  • Durable columns that are available in one of three elegant styles inspired by traditional Italian architecture – Venetian, Florentine, and Roma
  • And more

Contact TEMO for more information about our adjustable patio covers. We will gladly put you in touch with a TEMO-certified and -authorized dealer that serves homeowners in Memphis, TN.

“As you can tell, we're thrilled with the quality of the materials, work, and people involved.”

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