Adjustable Patio Covers from TEMO Provide Elegance and Efficiency

Adjustable Patio CoversConsider adjustable patio covers for your backyard when you want to create an outdoor space you can enjoy whether the sun is shining or rain is on its way. Patio covers are designed to provide complete shade over your outdoor dining area, pool deck, and barbecue spot. They can also be used as carports to protect your vehicle from damage from the sun’s powerful UV rays, potential hail, and other debris. But a standard solid patio cover does not allow you to control the amount of sun or shade you receive. TEMO’s adjustable patio covers function as both a pergola and a patio cover using slow-motion motors that allow you to open or close the roofing panels so you can enjoy the outdoors rain or shine.

When you turn to TEMO for our adjustable patio covers, you can feel confident you’re getting a durable product that’s built to last. Our outdoor structures are constructed from heavy-gauge extruded aluminum, which makes them extremely durable and resilient, requiring no annual maintenance or upkeep. You’ll discover that your new TEMO adjustable patio cover:

  • Won’t rot, deteriorate, or become infested with insects
  • Is able to resist weather exposure
  • Has more strength than roll-formed aluminum, vinyl, or wood patio covers

These patio structures can enhance the beauty of your outdoor living space. They are available in white and sandstone, and their columns come in three different styles: Florentine, Roma, and Venetian. What’s more, the rafters and beams are capped at the ends with TEMKOR corbels for an elegant look and added strength.

TEMO is proud to offer our motorized patio products to homeowners throughout the United States. We will be happy to recommend a TEMO-certified authorized dealer who will be able to install your new patio cover for you.

For more information about our adjustable patio covers, contact TEMO today.

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