Adjustable Pergolas from TEMO Offer Solutions to Outdoor Living

Adjustable Pergolas

Adjustable pergolas are the perfect outdoor living addition for homeowners throughout the country who wish to transform how they experience their backyards. Pergolas are designed to provide a lightly shaded area for families to unwind, have dinner, or simply admire. While they do provide some relief from the sun’s intensity, they will not completely shield you from harmful UV rays, rain, hail, or other debris. TEMO’s adjustable pergolas offer the perfect solution by operating as both a pergola and a patio cover in one. Using slow-motion motors to open and close the roof panels, you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor living space whether it’s raining or a nice, clear day.

Adjustable pergolas by TEMO are forged from heavy-gauge extruded aluminum, making them more durable than roll-formed aluminum, wood, or vinyl outdoor structures. They are built to last and require minimal maintenance and upkeep. You’ll also find that they are resistant to:

  • Damage from weather exposure
  • Rot or deterioration over time
  • Infestation from insects and other pests

Our attractive TEMO adjustable pergolas come in white and sandstone, and their columns are available in three different styles inspired by traditional Italian architecture: Florentine, Venetian, and Roma. For added strength and beauty, their rafters and beams are capped with TEMKOR corbels. What’s more, all our products are backed by a limited lifetime transferrable warranty, so you can rest assured that your investment is protected.

To learn more about our adjustable pergolas and their features, and to find a TEMO-certified dealer near you, please contact us today.

“From the day we sat down with the salesmen, to the design phase, and then to the final product, the experience can be described as Fantastic!!!”

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