Have an Electronic Pergola Installed for a More Enjoyable Backyard Experience

Electronic PergolaConsider having an electronic pergola installed at your home if you want to create a defined space in your backyard for eating, lounging, entertaining, and more while being protected from the elements. Standard pergolas are perfect for adding visual interest to your backyard as well as providing limited coverage from the sun. But, if you are looking for something that offers a more flexible way to enjoy your backyard, TEMO’s electronic pergola is the answer.

Since 1970, TEMO has been a leader in manufacturing beautiful and expertly crafted outdoor living structures for homeowners throughout the United States. We are proud to offer an electronic pergola that functions as both a pergola and a solid patio cover by allowing you to control how much sunshine or shade you receive with just the press of a button. This electric structure is made of an extremely durable heavy-gauge extruded aluminum, which is much stronger than roll-formed aluminum, wood, and vinyl, and also features:

  • Slow-motion motors that open and close the roofing panels using a 500-pound push/pull force.
  • Large-span panels to allow clear views of the sky when the pergola is open
  • Extruded louvres that are equipped with a return lip to help channel the flow of rainwater
  • Electrical raceways that hide the power cables, giving the pergola a clean and orderly appearance
  • Rafters and beams that are capped with TEMKOR corbels for added beauty and strength
  • Columns in three attractive styles inspired by Italian architecture: Roma, Venetian, and Florentine
  • And more

When you turn to TEMO for an electronic pergola, you’ll receive a product that is built to last. It requires virtually no maintenance and is protected by a limited lifetime transferable warranty.

To have an electronic pergola installed at your home, contact TEMO and we’ll put you in touch with a certified and authorized dealer today.

“From the day we sat down with the salesmen, to the design phase, and then to the final product, the experience can be described as Fantastic!!!”

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