Operable Lattice Covers from TEMO Offer Homeowners Many Advantages

Lattice Covers

TEMO’s operable lattice covers are an easy way for homeowners to update the look and feel of their outdoor living space without the hassle of undergoing a full-scale remodeling project. This structure will allow you to add a beautiful focal point to your backyard or deck while simultaneously creating a space that is protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Using a 500-lb push/pull force, you can open or close the roofing panels to create a pergola that opens up for maximum light and sky views, or a sold-roof patio cover to create a shaded area.

Since 1970, TEMO has led the way in manufacturing outdoor living structures. Our operable covers are superior to those from other manufacturers because of our use of extruded aluminum materials. While other manufacturers use roll-formed aluminum, vinyl, and wood materials, the extruded aluminum we use is superior in strength and won’t rot or warp, even after years of element exposure. Additionally, TEMO lattice covers utilize:

  • Innovative TEMKOR surfacing that will prevent your cover from cracking, peeling, chipping, and denting
  • A return lip to channel the flow of rainwater away from your structure
  • Electrical raceways to hide the power cord for a sleek, clean look

Furthermore, our operable lattice covers have several different style options – including three elegant Italian-inspired column designs and two complimentary colors – to ensure that your lattice cover meets your unique tastes. We also back this functional and stylish product with a Limited Lifetime, Transferable Warranty, so you can enjoy your new structure with peace of mind that it is protected.

Contact TEMO today to find out how to have one of our operable lattice covers installed in your backyard or another outdoor space of your home.

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