Louvered Patio Covers Crafted by the Experts at TEMO for Charlotte, NC, Homeowners

Louvered Patio Covers Charlotte NCTEMO is proud to manufacture our state-of-the-art louvered patio covers for residents of Charlotte, North Carolina, or the surrounding cities who are interested in creating a space in their backyards that they can use for entertaining guests, dining, lounging, and more, no matter what the weather is like. As one of the leading manufacturers of premium outdoor living structures in the country, we are proud to supply homeowners with these efficient and beautiful patio systems.

The louvered patio covers that we manufacture are made from heavy-gauge extruded aluminum, so they’re extremely durable and much stronger than products crafted from roll-formed aluminum, vinyl, and wood. They are also coated in a powerful electrostatic finish, so they won’t rot, deteriorate, or become infested by insects. Furthermore, they are equipped with a host of beneficial features that make them the perfect choice for homes in Charlotte, NC. Some of these features include:

  • Slow-motion actuator motors, which open and close the roofing panels at the press of a button using a 500-lb push/pull force
  • Roofing panels with large spans, which provide clear view of the sky when they are open
  • Extruded louvers that are designed with a return lip to help channel rain flow away from the structure and the home
  • Electrical raceways that hide the power cables from view

In addition, these operable patio covers come in three beautiful styles that are inspired by Italian architecture – Roman, Venetian, and Florentine styles – and are available in white and sandstone to complement the exterior of your Charlotte home.

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