Operable Pergolas that Transform Backyards, Available to Homeowners across the United States

TEMO isOperable Pergolas proud to manufacture operable pergolas for homeowners throughout the country. An operable pergola differs from
a standard pergola in that it has a movable roof. Using a slow-motion motor that has a 500-lb push/pull force, an operable pergola’s roof can be opened or closed, depending on the needs of the homeowner and the weather outside. If it’s a beautiful day, a homeowner can open up the roof to enjoy the structure as a pergola, relaxing in the sunshine and clear views. And, if the weather turns rainy or they are ready to go inside and want to protect their patio furniture in the meantime, they can simply close the roof and it will form the solid cover of a patio cover. The best of both worlds – that’s what operable pergolas from TEMO give to homeowners.

At TEMO, we’ve been manufacturing outdoor living products since 1970, so you can trust we have the knowledge, experience, and equipment necessary to engineer products that stand the test of time, including our operable pergolas. As a result of our expertise, our pergolas:

  • Are durable – They are constructed with heavy-gauge extruded aluminum, a material that is much more resilient than roll-formed aluminum, wood, or vinyl.
  • Are beautiful – Our structures feature columns inspired by Italian architecture, TEMKOR corbels capping the rafters and beams, and an electrical raceway that hides the power cable to provide a sleek, clean appearance.
  • Offer protection from the elements – Thanks to the extruded louvers designed with a return lip, our operable pergolas can channel the flow of rainwater, which lessens the amount of post-rain dripping that occurs.

For more information on our operable pergolas, contact TEMO today. We are proud to serve homeowners throughout the area.

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