Pergola Covers by TEMO Change the Way Homeowners Enjoy Their Yards

Pergola CoversIf you are searching for pergola covers that you can open and close whenever you like, turn to TEMO. Since 1970, we have been manufacturing a range of stylish and expertly designed outdoor home additions that offer customers throughout the country a way to transform how they experience their backyards. At TEMO, we offer two types of pergolas: traditional and operable. Traditional pergolas can create an interesting and attractive focal point in any backyard. While they provide a lightly-shaded space for homeowners to enjoy with friends and family, they do not offer complete protection from the elements. Operable pergolas are powered by slow-motion motors that adjust the roofing panels using a 500-lb push/pull force. These motorized pergola covers are best for homeowners who are looking for pergolas that can provide them with more complete weather protection. When the weather is nice, open the roof to allow sunlight in. Then, if it starts to rain or the sun is too powerful, close the adjustable panels to enjoy a completely shaded space.

Our operable pergola covers are constructed from heavy-gauge extruded aluminum, making them extremely durable and stronger than wood, vinyl, and roll-formed aluminum structures. They are built with a finish that won’t rot, peel, warp, fade, or become infested with pests, and require little to no maintenance or upkeep. What’s more, they are equipped with a range of beneficial features, including:

  • Decorative TEMKOR corbels that cap the ends of the rafters and beams for an elegant appearance and enhanced strength
  • Adjustable roofing panels with large spans that allow for clear, unobstructed views when the pergola cover is open
  • Extruded louvers equipped with a return lip to help create a pathway for the flow of rainwater
  • Electrical raceways that keep the power cable hidden for a clean and modern look

What’s more, all our products, including our pergola covers, are backed by a limited lifetime transferrable warranty, so you can rest easy knowing your investment is protected.

To learn more about our adjustable pergola covers, call TEMO today.

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