For a Pergola with Moveable Louvers, Turn to TEMO

Pergola with Moveable LouversIf you are looking for a pergola with moveable louvers to add to your home, then turn to the experts at TEMO. We are the premier manufacturer of high-quality outdoor home additions, and have been providing homeowners throughout the country with our exclusive, feature-rich products since our company’s founding in 1970. At TEMO, we can supply you with anything from sunrooms, patio covers, car ports, and pergolas, and we are proud to offer our new, state-of-the-art operable pergola with louvers that move according to your preferences.

Our operable pergolas are equipped with slow-motion motors that open or close the louvered roofing panels using a 500-lb push/pull force. And, via a push-button, you will be able to control the positioning of the roofing panels based on the weather and your preferences. On a nice day, open the roofing panels so the sun can beam in; when it starts to rain or the sun’s rays become too hot to handle, you can close the roof for complete coverage and protection from the elements. This structure also features large-span roofing panels for clear views of the sky, electrical raceways to hide the power cables, and so much more. What’s more, you’ll benefit from a host of benefits, because this cutting-edge pergola is:

  • Manufactured in the United States, not outsourced to a different country
  • Created with factory-made precision cuts and assembled in a controlled environment
  • Crafted in a durable heavy-gauge extruded aluminum that provides superior structural strength and resistance to insect infestation, weather exposure, and deterioration
  • Coated in a maintenance-free electrostatic finish that won’t blister, pit, or require annual staining, painting, or refinishing

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