Roofed Pergolas by TEMO Will Enhance Your Home’s Outdoor Living Space

Roofed Pergolas TEMO manufactures roofed pergolas for homeowners throughout the nation.  For decades, we have been a leader in producing attractive pergolas, patio roofs, sunrooms, and more for homeowners who wish to not only enhance the appearance of their backyard, but also change the way they enjoy their outdoor space.  We are proud to offer pergolas that provide the best of both a traditional pergola and a solid patio cover. Using state-of-the-art technology, these pergolas can be opened to let in sunlight and closed – like a solid roof – to provide complete shade over your space.

TEMO’s roofed pergolas are equipped with slow-motion actuators that adjust the louvered roofing panels using a 500-pound push/pull force that is controlled by a simple push of a button. Some additional features of these structures include:

  • Heavy-gauge extruded aluminum construction, which offers impeccable strength and is more durable than roll-formed aluminum, wood, or vinyl
  • Extruded louvers with a return lip that is designed to create a pathway for rainwater to flow away from your home
  • Electric raceways that keep the power cable out of view
  • Large-span roofing panels so you have clear views of the sky when the roof is open
  • And more

Best of all, when you have one of our TEMO roofed pergolas installed, you can enjoy it without worry, because our products require little to no maintenance or upkeep and are backed by a Limited Lifetime Transferrable Warranty, so your investment is fully protected.

Contact TEMO to learn more about our roofed pergolas and to have one installed by a TEMO-certified and -authorized dealer near you.

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