Install a Beautiful Pergola with a Louvered Roof from TEMO

Pergola with Louvered Roof Consider having a pergola with a louvered roof installed if you wish to transform your outdoor living space into an area you can appreciate no matter what the weather is like. This state-of-the-art pergola is equipped with a louvered roof that can be controlled using slow-motion actuator motors that have a 500-lb push/pull force. With the simple press of a button, you can open up the panels to allow sunlight in on a nice day. And, when the sun becomes too intense or it starts to rain unexpectedly, you can close the panels to enjoy a space that is completely protected from the elements.  At TEMO, we are proud to supply these louvered pergolas – also known as operable pergolas – to homeowners across the nation.

When you have one of TEMO’s adjustable pergola systems installed at your home, you’ll receive a product that is forged from heavy-gauge extruded aluminum, a material that is much more durable than roll-formed aluminum, vinyl, or wood. Plus, it’s coated in a powerful electrostatic finish that won’t rot, deteriorate, or become infested with insects. In addition, it is equipped with features that will allow you get the most optimal use out of patio, such as:

  • Large-span roofing panels that give you a clear view of the sky when the pergola is open
  • Extruded louvers that are designed with a return lip to help channel the flow of rainwater so you don’t have to worry about post-rain dripping issues
  • TEMKOR corbels that cap the ends of the rafters and beams for a sophisticated look and additional support
  • An electrical raceway that hides the power cable for a clean, more streamlined appearance

To learn more about the features and benefits of a TEMO pergola with a louvered roof installed, please contact us today.


“From the day we sat down with the salesmen, to the design phase, and then to the final product, the experience can be described as Fantastic!!!”

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